CO+ Osteopathic Clinic

Dr. Eleonora Baldan

Kinesiologist and Osteopath and part of the Co+ Board of Directors.


Kinesiology, Osteopathy


Her multifunctional approach learned by applying the biomechanical movement of the body with manual therapies makes Eleonora versatile in managing the patient in various settings and contexts.

Sensitivity and professionalism are qualities that distinguish her, creating empathy even in the most needy patients.

Graduated in Exercise and Sports Sciences, she immediately dedicated herself to the branch of adapted physical activity, working for years in a well-known studio in Turin where she also trained trainees at the SUISM university.

His many years of experience is focused on movement re-education and in patients with chronic degenerative conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis, disabilities and the elderly.

By attending the Pancafit course at Doctor Raggi's Milan office, the postural bench has become an integral and important part of both kinesiological and osteopathy treatments.

Wanting to combine movement as health with manual treatment, Eleonora enrolled at the Asomi Osteopathy Academy in Turin.

Where he currently works as a Level 1 Tutor for the training of students at the Osteopathic Academy.

Subsequently he expanded his manual context with the Kinesiology Applied to Osteopathy course to enrich his skills as a therapist to a more psycho-somatic-emotional aspect.

His education is constantly evolving and over the years he has attended numerous specialization courses such as:

  • Neuro-muscular taping course
  • Raggi method Pancafit course
  • Posturology
  • Pre and postnatal gymnastics
  • Pilates matwork
  • Caufriez method hypopressive gymnastics underway
  • MCB underway to obtain the Massotherapist diploma

Operates in the headquarters of